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I love highlife but I do more of hip life; Funnydawg.

So this week on EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JETYMEDIA, we had a good chat with one of south east promising talented artist FunnyDawg and this is what he has to say.

Jetymedia: Hi, can we meet you?
R: yeah of course, I’m by name Chukwu buike Emmanuel ossai a.k.a funny dawg, I sing and act.. am also an audio mixing engineer

Jetymedia: Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
R: I’m from Enugu state.. nsukka precisely. The only way it affects my work wrongly is that a lot of people there wants a free job just because they know me, it really dealt with me till I decided to leave for Lagos and that’s how everything changed

Jetymedia: Who are your biggest artistic influences?
R: flavour, fally ipupa, tuface. Asa, face ,

Jetymedia: Tell me about your favorite medium of promoting yourself.
R: social media has helped me alot since I don’t have a record company or sponsor .

Jetymedia: Where do you find inspiration?
R: in all situations, it flows and can come in anytime, thank God I have my phone to always record the rhythm ????, not minding who looks at me

Jetymedia: When is your favorite time of day to create? And why?
R: Night mostly and because everywhere is calm, that’s when I can hear myself alone
Jetymedia: Describe how art is important to society.
R:hmm so very important.. infact art is the only and best way to speak ur mind.

Jetymedia: What motivates you to create?
R: like I said, in all situations, if am sad , I get inspired, if I’m happy, I still get inspired to create

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Jetymedia: How do you define success as an artist?
R: my own definition, the success starts when people sings ur songs.. when your song is on every person’s lip.. every other good stories follows

Jetymedia: What Genre of music do you love must and what’s it’s influence on the music industry at large?
R: I love high life but I do hiplife.. high life song will never die.. it’s the best rhythm ever among all genre to me

Jetymedia: Let’s go back down the lane a little, when did this whole music thing started for you? What motivated it?
R: i started doing this at a very tender age.. funny enough I started as a rapper and I watched bow wow a lot.. I had a group then , we were 3 guys by name Da Massives ( with segenony and dj wise) later it was just me and segenony with a group name C2 ) it was all fun, we kept moving till a certain time I became the only one left while my guys went into other businesses after school..

Jetymedia: How is the support since you started especially from your immediate family?
R: it’s just been my friends and some few lover of my songs.. my family only pray for me to grow..

Jetymedia: Can you talk about the critics since the beginning of the Journey.
R: hmm when I switched to singing, it wasn’t really easy , they said all kinds of things. Some say I copy flavour, some call me fake flavour ???? , I nearly quit cuz as long as I sing I must sound that way.. infact there’s one of my songs that got leaked as flavour’s.. 2013 I guess.. though I stop making music for a while but I’m back
Jetymedia: Do you have a network of other artists, and how do they support you?
R: yeah I do and they are really supporting me, KING IYO, JTBLOW, WEJA, my younger brother BUCCI VALENTINO ???? and lots more

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Jetymedia: How many artists have you worked with so far?
R: ahhh alot of them , Slowdog, Quincy, polaino,Stromrex, SMARTAMAN, waga G, alot of them

Jetymedia: Which A-list artist do you hope to work with if opportunity presents itself?
R: I would really love to work with flavour and diamond platinum

Jetymedia: Are you solo or do you work with a label?
R: I’m an unsigned artist for now!

Jetymedia: Would you love to work with a Label, which Label precisely?
R: any good label that can push me to the world at large

Jetymedia: So, what is cooking? Any project? When are we expecting it?
R: steady I’m in the kitchen, I’ve dropped an ep title Love&hiplife and I have a single already titled This Year.. I’m still working on new songs, yet to decide if ep or single is coming ????

Jetymedia: Thank you Funnydawg for your time. Do you have anything to say to the crew? (Jetymedia as a brand)
R: wow, u can say that again, I’m happy cuz truth be told, I have long wished to have a day like this with the brand Jetymedia

Jetymedia: Where can one reach you on? Your socials?
R: IG is @funnydawgofficial
Twitter is @funnydawg9ja


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