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I will love to work with Anyidons etc; Mayormike says.

This week in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JETYMEDIA, Mayormike expresses his desires to work with the Mbano artist by name Anyidons. Mike said because of his origin, he does most of his songs in igbo and will love to work with Phyno, Flavour and Anyidons.

The IMO state born artist also stated that being an orphan in his earlier age, somewhat affected his music journey but he won’t stop pushing for the best.

Mayormike performing on stage.

Below is his Interview with Jety Adaugo for JetyMedia.

Jetymedia: Hi, can we meet you?
R: I’m Mayormike Okafor (Mayor of Owerri) an Imo State based Afropop Artist.

Jetymedia: Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
R: I hail from Ossemotor autonomous community, Oguta LGA – Imo State..

My place of origin has alot to do with my contents (song’s) in terms of my mother tongue “Igbo” coz I sing/rap with Igbo mostly

Jetymedia: Who are your biggest artistic influences?
R: I love good content (Music’s) and I develop my craft always but don’t really have any particular artist that influence me..

Jetymedia: Tell me about your favorite medium of promoting yourself.
R: I promote my contents (Music’s) through music digital platforms and social media..

Jetymedia: Where do you find inspiration?
R: God, My life & Environments

Jetymedia: When do you like to cook tracks?
R: Once the inspection comes (whenever I announce a new song, I ve a message)

Jetymedia: What motivates you to create?
R: Life Experiences & critics

Jetymedia: How do you define success as an artist?
R: Consistently + Smart Work = Success

Jetymedia: As an up and coming artist, how do you intend to navigate the industry?
R: Passion, Consistently & Smart Work..

Jetymedia: What Genre of music do you love must and what’s it’s influence on the music industry at large?
R: Afro-pop

Jetymedia: Let’s go back down the lane a little, when did this whole music thing started for you? What motivated it?
R: I’m a lover of Entertainment (Music) from Sec School days as a cultural prefect, though I ve been writing songs since 2008, but I ventured officially into music & recorded my first song “21st/Feb/2017”
My life is my motivation..

Jetymedia: How is the support since you started especially from your immediate family?
R: It’s been God. I lost my parents earlier before I ventured officially into music, so I don’t really expect anything from anyone coz I’m nobody responsibility. I keep the hustle real & keep hope alive, believing their is light @ the end of the tunnel. Gratitude will always remain my attitude to everyone out there for the love and support so far..

Jetymedia: Can you talk about the critics since the beginning of the Journey.
R: A whole lot of discouragements & critics coming from ppl & circumstances amidst the long-run atimes but determination and consistently has been my watchwords..

Jetymedia: Do you have a network of other artists, and how do they support you?
R: Sure I do, but It’s a gradual process, though the industry is large and not really easy to break in but we keep hope alive & the hustle real..

Jetymedia: How many artists have you worked with so far?
R: Some Artists within southeast, though am looking forward to work with Bigger Artists soon..

Jetymedia: Which A-list artist do you hope to work with if opportunity presents itself?
R: Flavour, Phyno & Anyidon

Jetymedia: Are you solo or do you work with a label?
R: I’m solo

Jetymedia: Would you love to work with a Label, which Label precisely?
R: Yeah definitely, any good Record label with positive vibes

Jetymedia: So, what is cooking? Any project? When are we expecting it?
R: Yeah… I’m cooking a new jam (song) titled “On_God” dropping 1st/April/2023..

Jetymedia: Something personal, apart from music, what else do you do?
R: I do show business all round Entertainment..

Jetymedia: Thank you Mr Mayormike for your time. Do you have anything to say to the crew? (Jetymedia as a brand)
R: Thanks for having me. I’m grateful..

Jetymedia: Where can one reach you on? Your socials?
R: @Mayormike_Okafor on all social media platforms..

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