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Exclusive; My footwear business was a revelation I was glad I followed through, Peace Achiever CEO De-Swift Achievers collections.

In today’s entrepreneur’s EXCLUSIVE CHAT WITH JETYMEDIA, we have Peace Achiever who walked us through her life journey, how she started, the challenges, regrets and win.

Below is what she have to say to Jety Adaugo;

Jetymedia: Hello Pretty, how are you?
R: Am doing well..thanks

Jetymedia: Sorry, what’s the name?
R: Peace Achiever ohuka

Jetymedia: So what does this pretty lady do?
R:Am into handmade footwears and real estate (service apartment particularly)I also up-skilled by going into digital marketing and now UI/UX designing.

Jetymedia: Any particular reason for choosing this path? Like what prompted it?
R: my Footwear biz was a revelation and as well a passion while the service apartment is as a result of my environment and what thrives in my environment.

Jetymedia: How is the journey so far? Any challenges?
R: The journey has not been easy, there were times I paused, cried and even went from street to street in search for customers..yes..I did all of that..that’s why it’s always important to know “the why” u started in the first place, it will always keep you going..

Jetymedia: What do you think will be the remedy? What do you suggest?
R: starting up a business is never easy, for people who do not have financial supports, I would always encourage you get something that can fuel your business, in my case I had a 9-5 job which I used to fund my businesss..self development is also important, my business actually made me to go learn social media marketing and management in short digital marketing as a whole because I couldn’t see myself paying someone else extra money to do all that for me so I learnt them because you would agree with me that selling online is literally the best so I equipped myself with those skills and I do them myself, last of all I have always tried to stay focus and trusting my own guts because distractions would always come..And am thankful to God that my business has gotten to a level where wether I post or not people still come to my DM to buy as well as refer me to other is not magic, you just have to be consistent, I have consistently done footwears for 3 years and service apartment for 2 years..I choose discomfort over comfort, there are times you won’t get an order in such cases in my time I would go out to talk to people about what I do, I said it earlier, I walked everywhere on the streets of Lagos with my footwears so it’s not magic..

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Jetymedia: Apart from this line of business, is there any other thing you do to keep life going?
R: I stopped my 9-5 job just to focus on business so currently it’s just my business..

Jetymedia: Can we talk about politics a little?
R: sure

Jetymedia: Who was your candidate in this 2023 election and why?
R: loool well Peter Obi was and that’s because I have a thing for people who are honest, straightforward and of great value so I saw all this in Peter Obi hence my reason for choosing him..

Jetymedia: What’s your view in the whole 2023 election, from Presidential to Gubernatorial? (No foul words)
R: Wasn’t free and fair at all, truth is I get hurt each time I talk about it.

Jetymedia: What do you think was there lapses and how do you think it would have been avoided?
R: assuming we had officials, security personnels and some youths that were not greedy, gullible and tribalism, just maybe we would have had the best kind of election ever so me it starts with us looking at the long term goals and benefits and not the now or what we can get now..

Jetymedia: Let’s go personal a little, are you single, or in a relationship? Incase anyone out there finds you attractive.
R:am not single, in a distant relationship.

Jetymedia: Thank you for your response, and thank you for your time with us. Do you have anything to say to us? (Jetymedia as a brand).
R:I have admired this brand for a very long time now and I must say the hardwork, boldness,focus and resilience of this brand made me take a step further into knowing the person(jety adaugo) behind it on a personal level lool I had always been a secret admirer untill we finally met and am still wanting more????????

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Jetymedia: How can people reach you? (Drop your contact and socials)
R: on Facebook and Instagram is peace ohuka.


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