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Exclusive: Dealing with Human beings isn’t an easy job; Victor Ugo says as he details his career journey to JetyMedia.

Our guest in today’s episode in Entrepreneur’s Exclusive Interview with Jetymedia is Victor Ugo. Victor is a serial entrepreneur too but mostly in the entertainment industry, and he is our 2nd guest.

Victor allowed us into his world and we got to know what it looks like to run the kind of business victor runs.

Below is the interview;

Jetymedia: Hi, can we meet you?
R: Am Ugochukwu Victor Okoroafor

Jetymedia: What do you do?
R: Am into Event management, Artist Management, Pageant Host, Nollywood Producer, Real Estate, ETC.

Jetymedia: Why this line of career? What prompted it?
R: Passion for nature and creativity. Passion on making out something meaningful out of nothing.

Jetymedia: How is the journey so far? Any challenges?
R: The journey have been crazy, imagine believe in an artist/people who don’t even believe in him or herself, grooming them most times the end product might be great or crazy. Managing and event, putting in your best to put smile on the face of your client. Maybe wedding, birthday, house opening party, burial, etc.

Jetymedia: What do you think will be the remedy? What do you suggest?
R: Nothing much still have to keep pushing because your client must be satisfied with your service. Keep making them smile no matter what.

Jetymedia: Apart from this line of business, is there any other thing you do to keep life going?
R: Sure. Auto-mobiles and a Business/ project developer. I develop project for companies and individuals that needs my services.

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Jetymedia: Can we talk about politics a little?
R: Sure.

Victor Ugo

Jetymedia: What’s your view in this 2023 election, from Presidential to Gubernatorial? (No foul words)
R: Well, it is what it is. All I can say is Nigeria happen to Nigerians.

Jetymedia: What do you think was there lapses and how do you think it would have been avoided?
R: INEC knew from day one whom they wanted but my problem is why stressing us with election when they would have call the man and announce him.

Jetymedia: Thank you for your response, and thank you for your time with us. Do you have anything to say to us? (Jetymedia as a brand).
R: Yes nah. Jety as a person have been a distance friend who I get information from without her knowing, remember you can be a friend/ admirer to a person without their knowing. Jetymedia as a brand is a well trusted brand I have known for a long time, the brand did a great job in owerri few years back as an Ambassador to a tech company that made me patronize the firm and they delivered. She did and is still doing great as a blog though it’s been a while since I opened the blog last. The brand handled my company Google thing though I have not been following it up. So I trust the brand and I recommend the brand to all lovers of good things.

Jetymedia: How can people reach you? (Drop your contact and socials)
R: Call line: +2348034966377 Email: .
Not on any social media now maybe later this year.

You too can be part of this exclusive interview. Just chat us +2348057391359

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Jety Adaugo (Interview Host)

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