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Even though I listen to the likes of BurnaBoy and Omah Lay, my environment and lifestyle influenced my kind of music; PBK says in an interview with JetyMedia.

Today on EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JETYMEDIA we have a fast raising up and coming artist from the east who is taking the music industry to another level with his tunes.

ThankGod Uzodinma popularly known as PBK (Prettiboykelz) is an artist and interior designer from the east but based in Abuja and today in the exclusives, he spoke to Jety Adaugo (The host) on the journey, challenges, wins and projects.

Below is the interview, enjoy.

Jetymedia: Hi, can we meet you?
R: Hi, my name is ThankGod Uzodinma popularly known as PBK.

Jetymedia: Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
R:I’m from imo state.
My origin doesn’t really affect my work.

Jetymedia: Who are your biggest artistic influences?
R: I listen to the likes of Burna boy, Omah lay , M-Huncho , Vory

Jetymedia: Tell me about your favorite medium of promoting yourself.
R: online platforms

Jetymedia: Where do you find inspiration?
R: my environment and my lifestyle

Jetymedia: When is your favorite time of day to create? And why?
R: I don’t have any particular time. Whenever the vibe & inspiration comes, I create.

Jetymedia: Describe how art is important to society.
R:Art is important to the society because it helps you process your emotions and understand your surroundings. Art has always been an important part of human society since the beginning of time.

Jetymedia: What motivates you to create?
R: Life

Jetymedia: How do you define success as an artist?
R: Growth, to me success is when you see improvements in yourself and in your craft. When you see progress, making the unbeliever believe.

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Jetymedia: As an up and coming artist, how do you intend to navigate the industry?
R: Everything in life has a process.. there is no shortcut to greatness. I trust the process, with my kind of music, my voice and God, the industry will know me.

Jetymedia: What Genre of music do you love must and what’s it’s influence on the music industry at large?
R: I love hip hop, Afro swing, afro dancehall.
Currently the world love rap, and also everyone wants to be dancing.

Jetymedia: Let’s go back down the lane a little, when did this whole music thing started for you? What motivated it?
R: I fell INLOVE with music when I was small, my elder bro Kraftweez motivated it, he used to do music then, he still got music in him now even though he has delved into higher creative grounds but he still gat me musically.

Jetymedia: How is the support since you started especially from your immediate family?
R: in the beginning my family hardly support me which is normal for every up and coming artist but i took it as a challenge. I have to make them support me by not giving up and making them believe in me. Now I’m happy they are supporting me in the way they can.

Jetymedia: Can you talk about the critics since the beginning of the Journey.
R: The critics are there but I don’t put my mind on the critics because it doesn’t matter if you good or bad.. many won’t like you. So I ignore the critics and focus.

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Jetymedia: Do you have a network of other artists, and how do they support you?
R: I grew up in Enugu, a city where up coming artists hardly support each other but I want to say a big shoutout to my bro @Mendo, @kevyn Mulah @G_flizy

Jetymedia: How many artists have you worked with so far?
R: four .. I have worked with the likes of @Jaywillz @Mendo @Gflizy @Kevyn mulahh

Jetymedia: Which A-list artist do you hope to work with if opportunity presents itself?
R: I have many list of artist I would love to work with but I guess I will keep it on the low. I love surprising my fans.

Jetymedia: Are you solo or do you work with a label?
R: solo

Studio session

Jetymedia: Would you love to work with a Label, which Label precisely?
R: Label are good but at times Label fuck artist up. I would love to work with a label that has my interest in their heart.

Jetymedia: So, what is cooking? Any project? When are we expecting it?
R: A lot is cooking.. I have a joint up coming singles with my bro @Kevyn mulahh. Is more like a semi Ep tittled THE JOURNEY. and I also have a single dropping next month.

Jetymedia: Thank you PBK for your time. Do you have anything to say to the crew? (Jetymedia as a brand)
R: I want to say a big thank you Jetymedia for this opportunity and interview. God bless you.

Jetymedia: Where can one reach you on? Your socials?
R: you can reach me on all social media with @prettiboykelz



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