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Entrepreneur’s Exclusive Interview with Jety Media; First Guest, Oluwadamilola, CEO RuuBs.

Jety media as you know is a media house that specializes in promoting brands and with that in mind, we decided to bring back our Exclusive Interview session. In this educative, informative, entertaining and motivating session, we get to interview large business owners, SMEs owners, brands, artists etc, just to get to understand their hustle well and also to encourage them and others to keep pushing and never give up.

This happens to be the 2nd edition of this interview after the first edition some time 3 years ago and our first guest in this edition is a serial entrepreneur and business lady, Ms Oluwadamilola.

Dami allowed us into her business world and it was amazing and we will love to share the experience with you. Her interview session was interactive, fun and motivating. Below is her interview session with our PR person Ms Jety Adaugo.

Jety Adaugo (PR Host)

The Interview

Jetymedia: Hi, Dami right?
R: Yes ma’am

Jetymedia: If you don’t mind, what’s the full name?
R: Oluwadamilola

Jetymedia: Can you help non Yorubas to understand the meaning of the name, if you don’t mind.
R: The Almighty has blessed me with wealth

Jetymedia: Thank you so much, Dami. So let’s get into the real talk. So who is Dami?
R: Dami is a serial entrepreneur who’s into Livestock farming, Household Essentials, New series of iPhone or apple products pre orders and currently about to add a unisex salon and Viewing/Game Center(Ilorin) to the family

Jetymedia: It has come to our notice that you are about to launch one of Abuja’s best Unisex salon?
R: Yes yes yes. Just like I said in the initial question. We’re opening really soon

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Jetymedia: What led you to go into this line of business?
R: Well, I can’t tell what line in particular you’re asking about as I’m a serial business owner but I can say for a fact that I’m one who has always been big on multiple income and I like to create an impact in the society and have people learn from me. The salon however has been a 2013 dream. I’m happy the delay wasn’t denial.

Jetymedia: I have visited the salon and I must say, it’s huge and that level of achievement comes with a lot of challenges. True or False?
R: very huge challenges I must say, you even witnessed some when you visited.

Jetymedia: Can you tell us about the challenges?
R: my major challenge was location, the heart of Abuja have too many expensive properties that when u calculate your income, you’re either breaking even or not making profit at all. Second challenge are the hand workers I worked with, they were after my life and still are. Third which I’d like to stop here is the financing of the entire process.

Jetymedia: Do you have any regrets?
R: To be honest? None whatsoever. I’m proud of what I’ve done and how far I’ve come

Jetymedia: What would you have done better?
R: get a bigger space.

Jetymedia: You said you started this journey of setting this up since 2021 but you will be launching by 1st of April? Why the delay?
R: I had to import most of my equipments and also u know how the Nigerian economy has been since the Covid. When things go up, they don’t come down. The fx also played a big role. Then lastly they say what is worth doing is worth doing well. So why should I rush when I bought the space

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Jetymedia: Why 1st April? Any significant reason for that date?
R: it’s my 30th birthday so I’d like it to be in sync

Jetymedia: Why do you choose the area you chose for the beauty home?
R: Affordability and also because I bought the space. So it’s a permanent home for me and I’ll only be opening other businesses or more branches

Jetymedia: How do you intend to market and promote the place? Any specific strategy?
R: Social media PR tbh. That’s the best and most productive way to push the business forward

Jetymedia: Can you talk about the Beauty Home, location, services and launching date?
R: The name is RUUBs(Ruby Unisex Beauty Space). It’s a salon that caters to the male and female gender regardless of age. Our services include hair braiding, wigs, hair products, fixing, pedicure, nails to mention a few. It’s located opposite of the Mabutshi Ultra Model Market, Platinum Mega Mall to be precise. We’re looking to launch on the 1st of April

Jetymedia: Thank you for your time Ms Dami, do you have anything to say to Jetymedia?
R: I see what u do from your status, I see how u push people’s businesses and the registrations u do including the advice u give. I’d like to say kudos, keep working hard and I wish u all the best. Soon come, your name will be a household name in the PR industry. Thank you for having me

This was indeed a very interesting interview session as we wish to show you all what the place looks like when she finally launches it on the 1st of April being her 30th birthday too.

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Stay tuned with us and you too can be featured in this site.




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