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Let’s be alert my fellow Nigerians, come 2023 election, we should be in the know what is going on.

This is Tunde Sabiu, the young man giving my Lagos landlord, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a sleepless night. 

He is the head of the Cabal, which operates from Aso Rock, and he is the de facto Nigerian president.

Tunde is the nephew of our president who was named after the late Tunde Idiagbon, the former vice president during the first coming of Buhari.

Before 2015, Tunde was just an ordinary recharge card seller in Duara until his uncle Muhammad Buhari won the coveted seat of president, and Tunde’s life changed forever.

Tunde was appointed as his uncle’s private secretary, and according to those in the know, he is the first person to see his uncle in the morning when he wakes up and the last person to see him before he sleeps.

He wanted to wield his new found power and access but was check mated by the late Abba Kyari, the president, and the chief of staff.

But as a skilled chess player, he waited, bidding for his time. 

It was the demise of Abba Kyari that elevated Tunde to become Nigeria’s unofficial prime minister.

More info coming up.

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