Meet Chiesonu Deborah Nwamba CEO Fish_N_Asun Bar, today on Business Collaboration with JETY MEDIA.

Today on Business Collaboration with Jety Media, we had a chat with Nwamba Chiesonu Deborah CEO Fish_N_Asun Bar and this is what she has to say;

The name of my business is FISH_N_ASUN BAR….I chose the name because I deal basically with fresh fish pepper and Esun which is a Yourba name for peppered goat meat.

The business is almost 10 years. My parents have an outlet in Road 9,Trans ekulu Enugu which is still very much in operation but I decided to try online order and door step delivery just to create a different means of serving people while they are at the comfort of their home.

Feeding healthy is always a great deal for me, so I decided to extend the love to others especially in this era where junk is the order of the day;and again being idle is mentally draining so it’s also a way of really engaging myself so that’s basically the inspiration.
My business all about providing healthy delicacy that is not boring for fish is really healthy and highly proteinous too

We have an outlet in Road 9,Angle 90 bar although there isn’t a bill board there and also we take orders via phone calls where we deliver to people right at their door step.

In the next five years,I wish to have been better established with other sea foods as prawns,crabs etc and then with the local delicacies which I have also loved.

Nothing beats eating health,when you eat healthy,you stay healthy,you save a lot of money because you don’t go in and out of hospitals so I would say keeping the Nigerians we come in contact with healthy is indeed a great impact.

She went ahead to say a thing or two about the brand giving her the platform to showcase her business.

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