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Jety Media launches the maiden edition of her Recognition awards.

Jety Media which was formerly called Jetyblog Media over the years, officially came into legal existence August last year. Jety Media is an online media house which specializes in promoting, branding and growing both businesses, brands and individuals like entertainers.

Two years ago, Jety Media kicked off a project called #JetifiedMovement and this project is mostly humanitarian services aimed at the betterment of individuals, brands etc. They have successfully carried out different sub projects under this Movement. For example Jetified conference 2018, Jetified with Jety 2018, Jetified Picnic 2019, Jetified Bloggers Summit 2019, Jetified Inspired Woman Summit (His Jewel) 2020. These whole events were solely sponsored by Jety Media and were all free.

Again, Jety Media is up with another project simply because of their love for talents, hardwork and humanitarian services. When asked the CEO why all these projects especially when they yeild nothing to her in return, this is what she has to say,

“I’m a young lady who is very industrious and hard-working, I’m also too skilled and talented but nobody motivated me to becoming who I am now. If I was encouraged or motivated, I would have done more. I understand what motivation does to hardwork and that is why I’m sold out to encouraging and motivating one when I see it. It might not pay now, but trust me one day it will. Like I always say, ‘it is better to have 1 million successful persons attached to you than having 1 million in your bank account’. I’m rich and fulfilled when I make and recognize men.”

With that being said, Jety Media is glad to flag off her maiden edition of her awards tagged “JETIFIED RECOGNITION AWARDS”- Recognizing hardwork, talent and humanitarian services. This award is based on proper observation and research. No nomination, no voting, strictly based on merit.

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All through this June, that’s what we will be doing. Kindly follow our IG @jetymedia because that’s where it will be taking place.


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