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Our 2 year old daughter got filled with the Holyspirit during the just concluded 2020 Dominion City online camp meeting. ~TEEMOORE.

Our 2 year old daughter (she will be 3 this month) got filled with the Holyspirit during the just concluded 2020 Dominion City online camp meeting says Tochukwu Mbachu CEO Teemoore Studios International.

We have been receiving lots of call to share the full story after my last post in this regard.

This testimony is completely to the glory of God.

I will make it as concise / brief as I can…

It was anointing service that evening and the whole family gathered as usual to participate online via the phone.

The anointing service started a bit late and so, I asked everyone to go to bed with intentions to anoint them once pastor (Rev. David Ogbueli) prayed on the oil. (Prior to that evening, Rev. had instructed everyone to get whatever kind of oil ready for the program)

The program had commenced and everyone had slept except my daughter Precious.

The atmosphere was saturated with the presence of God.

I anointed everyone as instructed by our pastor.

A few minutes after I touched Precious, she came to where I was praying while still hooked online with the program.

She held my hands and was trying to mutter some words.

At first I wanted to shun her to go to her room. This time is for serious business but on a second thought, I let her be.

She increased her tempo. Wow.
She was speaking in tongues.
I heard her right!

Some other strange things happened that night that shocked me.

She reached out for the oil which was beside me, dipped her finger, anointed me, anointed her mom ( Dera) lying beside us and went straight to their room and anointed Victory (her Aunty) and finally anointed herself too.

While she was going to their room, I tip toed right behind her to know exactly what was going on here. See this little girl o.

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She came back, asked me to hold her hands (okay, this isn’t a joke right here now), she tapped the mom to wake-up and hold her hands too.

Wonderful !

I was still praying in the Holyghost but this time with one eye open.
Is it a Nollywood script or what?
Hmmm, I kept observing.

She held both of our hands and continued kabashing (speaking in tongues).

By this time, the mom observed the strange scenario too.

Parenting is such a hideous task.
Raising children to God’s standard is not easy especially in our today’s society.

Consciously handing over these ones to God early is a task every believer must endeavour to achieve.

We’ve failed in parenting if we can not pass the mantle given to us by the heroes of our faith.

It’s not all about bequeathing lots of wealth to them without showing them how to survive what is coming and introducing them to this incredible power that will help them develop a strong moral base and withstand the darts of the evil one.

May God help us. Amen.

Thank you Rev David Ogbueli for being a channel through which God imparted millions of lives throughout the globe (even during this lockdown)

God bless you abundantly and may His grace sustain you till the end.

To God be the glory!!!



    • Yes sir. Our generation needs more of this. Keep up the good work of parenting and may the Heavens be with you and yours.

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