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From Psychedelic melodies to Upbeat Trap Music & pop, AH! Elghanai says as he recounts life’s journey.

From psychedelic melodies to Upbeat Trap Music & pop, AH! Elghanai’’s versatility is just as impressive as his work ethic. A student-athlete and semi-professional soccer player living in the Pacific Northwest, AH! experimented with psychedelics while in college. The “trips” he experienced led him to embark on a musical journey that would set his life course. Starting with rudimentary beat making, AH!gradually mastered the craft of music production, and eventually graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Music.

Following graduation,  AH! Elghanai(Born Sanad Elghanai in 1996) struggled to find peers that were similarly skilled and as committed to making music as he was. AH! took matters into his own hands and started to experiment with singing and rapping, becoming a vocalist as well as a producer.

In 2017, his brother founded Pocketstarco, a clothing brand that provides tour merchandise for celebrities. Those celebrities include worldwide legends in the music industry like Post Malone, XXXtentacion, Tory Lanez, & Future. This gave AH!an inroad and connections in the larger music industry beyond the Northwest.

Creating a unique yet accessible sound that combines surreal trap beats and pop elements with distinct vocals, AH! is one of the most unique upcoming artists in the rap genre and remains focused on continuing to build his growing fan base through the tremendous energy at his live shows and consistent release of music. While receiving offers, AH! has yet to sign a record deal, opting to maintain his status as an independent artist.

            AH! Elghanai’s latest project, Frozen in Time, is a narrative of the highs and lows of his music career thus far. In the album, AH! opens up about the pitfalls of success, finding and losing love, and the growth he has experienced over the course of career. A sonically diverse album, Frozen in Time is 10 tracks that range from energetic club anthems to ballads and experimental tracks, creating a thoroughly engaging and entertaining half hour of music. To compliment the album, AH! Elghanai is also publishing a short novel, Frozen in Time the Book, which goes more in depth about the topics the album touches on. The book is where AH! really opens up about his struggles and mental journey, including battles with depression and suicidal thoughts. The book is split into chapters corroborating with the album’s track list, and includes a brief synopsis of each song and the lyrics of each song at the end of the book. As a whole, the culmative project is an impressive body of work. Both can stand alone as a their own projects, but both certainly complement each other and add more depth their other half.  

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 Stay tune with us for more info about Ah! Elghanai.

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