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Woman Discovers Coffin Under Her House With Girl Preserved Perfectly Inside, Now The Girl Has Been Identified.

Ericka Karner made an extremely shocking discovery when she was renovating her home. Her and the contractors were not prepared for what they found underneath her home.

Underneath the ground, construction workers found a very thin wooden coffin that was covered with a glass lid. A very well-preserved body of a little girl was discovered inside. Her body being underneath the garage was a mystery according to Inside Edition.

Touched up design of what the little girl looked like when she was laid to rest.

Because the identity of the little girl inside the coffin was unknown, Ericka began referring to her as “Miranda.”

The coffin was discovered to be buried about 145 years ago and it was so well sealed that the process of decomposition was very slow. The purple flowers that had been carefully placed in her hair, along with the white lace dress, were still intact and well-preserved as well.

The Garden of Innocence, which is an organization that gives proper burials to children who are unidentified, helped identify the little girl. Her name was Edith Howard Cook, she died on October 13, 1876, from undernourishment according to Inside Edition. She was almost 3-years-old.

During the process of trying to find out Edith’s identity, it was discovered that Ericka’s childhood home was built on old cemetery ground. However, in the 1930s all of the bodies in the cemetery were exhumed and moved to another cemetary. It is unknown why Edith’s casket was left behind. 

Just one year after she discovered the girl’s coffin under the garage, Ericka had the ability to give this little girl a proper funeral. The Garden of Innocence took custody of Edith’s body and prepared a special memorial and funeral service for her. They gave her a brand new hand made casket and buried her in a new cemetery as Inside Edition reports.

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