There in-between bridges
I stand like a statue

To passers-by
The Governor remembered me
I’m no effigy
Neither was I goldsmithed

Flummoxed about the path to take
Mentally disoriented if
To forge a-head or a-nus

Am I to go right
Where nothing is left
Should I then go left
Where nothing is right

Startled at moving on
My eyeballs;
Almost popping from its sockets
My flesh;
Raped by goose pimples

Here smells
The Earth disgusts
No more spherical but circle
As it tosses round the Universe
Turning everything Topsy-Turvy

Culture, obfuscated
Politics, ritualized
Business, fraudulenced
Religion, dogmatized
Natural air, polluted
Premarital sex, traditioned

No El Dorado in planet three

Patiently I wait for ascension
When the heavenly town-crier will call
So I shall go find solace.

Caesar Amah
© 2018

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