My Love for Fashion and creavity gave birth to my Clothing line Amby’s Crafties. Ebere Johnson Amblessed.

Today on Business Collaboration with JETY Media, we had an exclusive interview with a fashion guru by name Ebere Johnson Amblessed aka Amby.

Read what she has to say about herself and business;

Interviewer: Can we know you?

Ans: My name is Ebere Johnson Amblessed

Q . What’s your business name?

Ans. Amby’s Crafties

Q. How old is your building?

Ans. Two years old, Established and Registered on 3rd May, 2018.

Q. What inspired your line of business?

Ans. I was inspired by my love for fashion and my passion for creating new things especially out of nothing or less everyday.

Q. Tell Jety Media and your prospective clients a bit about your brand.

Ans. Amby’s Crafties is all about Fashion – Design of Classy pieces of Clothing and Accessories that stand out yet very affordable…
We pick materials in their raw forms and transform them into pieces that make you look stunning and classy.

some of Amby’s crafties
  1. Amby’s Crafties is located at No 25 Mbanefo Street, New Haven, Enugu, Enugu State
  2. In the next five years, I see Amby’s Crafties become a world class business with branches all over the world. I see Amby’s Crafties being featured in Fashion Magazines and Fashion Shows all over the world.
  3. Amby’s Crafties makes a positive impact in Nigeria by making you see beyond just ordinary clothing, making you understand that you can actually look good without so much stress on your pockets, (yes cos we save you a lot of money when you buy from us), we also create jobs for some unemployed youths through our internship schemes(upcoming though), we also have members of staff who are on our payroll.
    We contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth.
    And of course we make you happy, satisfied, and give you reasons to come back again and again.
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Interviewer: Wow, that was really cool. So what do you have to say to JETY Media and our fans out there?

Ans. Jety Media na the koko ( Smiles)
Yes Jety Media is helping with putting people and businesses on the world map 👍🏻

Contact them on

Facebook: Ambyscrafties

IG: @ambyscrafties

Call: 07059763168


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