“This is not the Zaria I grew up in”. Social Media influencer and ViewerTv Presenter cries out as she seeks justice over the lock down of her father’s liquor store and source of livelihood.

The TV presenter and Content Writer at Viewers TV took to her social media handle to cry out for help and also share her disappointments in the recent happenings in the North especially Zaria where she was born and raised.

These are what she said;

I write this with tears welling up in my eyes because I actually wish that I studied law at this moment.
I grew up in Zaria, I was infact born in Zaria. I spent 20 years of my life growing and schooling in Zaria and for as long as I can remember my father has always had a liquor store.
His store, was very popular (CITIZEN AND GOOD HOPE) that was a name I grew up to know.
My dad is still being called “CITIZEN”.

That liquor store raised me and as still raising my siblings.
That liquor store saw me through school and made sure I had all the books and uniforms and was never lacking anything.
That liquor store bought my family the things we own and that liquor store amongst other things have been and remained our business.

When my father built a house, the area didn’t have electricity, it was the money from that same liquor store that brought electricity to that environment.
When it rained and houses sank due to poor construction, my dad built a culvert, a passageway for the waters to help out the community, the money was from the liquor store.
My dad has contributed to the community I grew up and they never turned his money down because it was liquor money.

But, weeks after a long lockdown, a group of people who ill prefer to call thugs, locked down all the liquor stores in Zaria and yes my dad’s own too.

I can’t just sit down and fold my hands and do nothing and be limited because I didn’t study law, and whilst I figure out if I’ll go study law, I need to stop this intolerance.

This is not the Zaria I grew up in or grew up to know. I’ll usually say, atleast Zaria is in the north but they don’t worry nobody…but now I am forced to swallow my words.

I have gone to twitter to draw Governor Elrufai’s attention to it in hopes that he nips this sprouting evil in the bud.

I’ll need all the help I can get, I am not afraid to travel down to kaduna and stand on the streets in front of Kaduna government house and protest alone. Also, I understand the power of social media and I need all the help I can get to restore normalcy.

Thank you.

©️Princess Adaeze Emejuru

Jetyblog Readers, please I urge you to join in this campaign and help save lives. Thank you.

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