Real Men Know That One Woman Is Enough. JETY ADAUGO

Utter selfishness is depicted in a man that is dating more than one woman. This type of man is usually considered to be filled with lust, greediness, and is a loser in life. He cares less about his partner’s feelings and would go a mile to have two or more women. Such men do not enjoy the sweetness that abounds in love.

A real man does not chase after different ladies persuading them to be his girlfriend. 

He has explicit knowledge that a relationship involves two people; a man and a woman. He, therefore, would go to any extent to ensure that it works out between him and his woman. A real man fights to re-ignite the spark where it has dimmed.

He does all that is within his power to ensure that he and his woman stay in love. On the other hand, a man who leaves his woman for another because they are no longer in love with them is not a real man. Real men identify the problem in their relationship and find a solution to ensure they stay happy with their partners.

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