Open letter to Chimamanda Adichie. 

Dear Madam,

It Seems your too much reading, academic accomplishments and feministic orientation are beginning to drive you crazy and erode your common sense of judgement and appreciation of people’s choices and decisions.

Literary competence doesn’t necessarily translate to natural intelligence.

Madam, just stop pushing your luck too far and please be reminded that there is an elastic limit to every “people’s goodwill” being enjoyed by any individual here on earth. Don’t stretch yours beyond it’s limit because it will break. And when it breaks, trying to amend it will cost you so much.

With all due respect madam, if you are not proud to be identified as a “wife”, just allow those who “proudly” understand the sacredness and joy  of being a wife to flaunt it and showcase it and Stop having unnecessary “stomach upset” simply because someone is happily married and is sampling Her wife materialness and her motherhood status. How is that your business?  “Is it your wife?” “is it your motherhood?”

Madam, stop hiding under your “scholarly prominence and attainment” to deceive and mislead our unsuspecting young ladies (spinsters).

No matter the things you think you have acquired into your brain through formal education, native wisdom and intelligence still supersede them all.

Jee kwa juo some elders in your village, and stop being an arrogant and mischievous Lone ranger in the city.

Please be properly guided!

Yours “male feminist”,
Kenny Obiora,
from Anambra, Nigeria.

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